In a world where the gift of simply appreciating music seems to have been lost, it takes something extraordinary to capture the heart and the attention of listeners. Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk do just that. From captivating alternative folk-pop melodies to an authentic and energetic performance, you’ll get drawn in to the music and won’t be letting go anytime soon.

The band is fronted by songstress Lauren Mann, who started playing live in the Calgary area in 2008. Shortly after, she began collaborating with local musicians and formed somewhat of a collective that became affectionately known as “Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk.”

At the end of 2010, Lauren decided to make her home the open road and began to pursue a full-time music career. She released “Stories From Home,” a collection of songs that had been recorded over the past four years, and booked a 65-day tour across Canada with shows in every province. Since then, Lauren and the collective of “Fairly Odd Folk” that have joined her on her journeys have developed a sound unlike anything else. In less than three years they’ve brought this sound and dynamic live show to audiences in every corner of North America, with over 500 tour dates and over 5000 albums sold.

In the spring of 2013, the band announced the formation of their own label, Wanderer Records. The group, which now consists of Lauren Mann (Lead vocals, piano, ukulele), Jay Christman (drums, guitar), Jessica Christman (bass, additional keys, BGV’s), Josh Akin (electric/acoustic guitar), Zoltan Szoges (additional keys, percussion, glockenspiel), and Hammer Clark (front of house tech), released their album “Over Land and Sea” on April 9th 2013. “Over Land and Sea” was produced by Aaron Marsh (Copeland, Person L, Joshua Michael Robinson) in Lakeland, FL and illustrates Lauren’s gift of songwriting with a wide array of instrumentation, beautiful harmonies, and lyrics that tell of whimsical adventures.

Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk have begun working on their sophomore record, whose release date is yet to be set. Be sure to catch their live show as they continue to tour across North America, and rediscover your love for music.


“In a time with so much manufactured ‘music’ designed to infiltrate your brain, and your wallet, the beautiful integrity with which Lauren Mann and The Fairly Odd Folk write and play their music is similar to falling into your warm, comfortable bed at the end of a long, tiring day.”

--Laura Wilkes, Fortitude Magazine (UK)

“Over Land and Sea's vibrant sonic tapestry is saturated with sunlight and holds to a mostly buoyant gait.”

--Nereida Fernandes, Exclaim!

“Lauren Mann may be one of the best indie-folk rockers that you’ve never heard of.”

--Moira E. McLaughlin, Washington Post

“Lauren Mann has the type of lyrics in which you can really lose yourself. Alongside joyous, breezy instrumentation, she philosophically explains the value of letting some of our comforts go and opening ourselves to new experiences and whimsical adventures.”

--Cait Lepla, Music Writer, BeatRoute Magazine